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This is a full Microsoft PowerPoint course, and is aimed at complete beginners to the subject. The tutorials, and the book, are for PowerPoint 2000, 2002 and 2003. Because version 2002 and 2003 are so similar, we refer to these version as PowerPoint 2003. But it's also called Office XP. If all that is confusing, just tuck in to the tutorials and you'll be fine!

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  > PowerPoint Presentation Number One  

1. Getting Started with PowerPoint

2. The PowerPoint Software

3. Your First PowerPoint Presentation

4. Insert a New Slide into PowerPoint

5. Change the Title of a PowerPoint Slide

6. PowerPoint Bullets

7. Add an Image to a PowerPoint Slide

8. Add a Textbox to a PowerPoint slide

9. The Slide Show Footer in PowerPoint

10. Add Notes to a PowerPoint Presentation

11. Complete your First PowerPoint Presentation

> PowerPoint Presentation Number Two  

1. Presentation Two - Downloads

2. Set up a Master Slide in PowerPoint

3. Format a PowerPoint Master Slide

4. Plan your PowerPoint Presentations

5. Bulleted Lists in PowerPoint

6. Bullet Animation - PowerPoint 2000

7. Bullet Animation - PowerPoint 2003

8. Adding the Animated GIF images

9. How to Resize an Image in PowerPoint

10. Slide Transitions in PowerPoint

11. The PowerPoint Pen Tool

> PowerPoint Presentation Number Three  

1. Presentation Three - Introduction

2. The First Slide in the Presentation

3. 3D Bar Graphs in PowerPoint

4. Working with the PowerPoint Datasheet

5. Format a PowerPoint Chart Axis

6. Format the Bars of a Chart

Flow Charts

1. Create a Flow Chart in PowerPoint

2. Add an Arrow to a Slide

3. Group and Ungroup Shapes

4. Text and Shape Objects


1. PowerPoint Tables

2. Format the Table Data

3. Table Backgrounds


7. Format Series Legend

8. PowerPoint Pie Charts

9. Pie Chart Segments

10. 2D Bar Charts in PowerPoint

11. Format the 2D Chart

12. Format a Chart Background


5. Custom Animation - PowerPoint 2000

6. Custom Animation - PowerPoint 2003

7. PowerPoint Exercises



4. Format a Table Border in PowerPoint

5. The Final Slide

6. Sorting PowerPoint Slides

> Design Templates  

1. Create a PowerPoint Design Template

2. Format a Design Template Master Slide

3. Add a Title Slide to a Design Template

> Action Buttons  

1. PowerPoint Action Buttons

2. Resize and Move an Action Button

3. Use a Hyperlink to Display a Web Page

4. Add a Quit Button to a Slide

5. Forcing people to click your buttons

> Extras  

1. Excel Charts and PowerPoint

2. Excel Worksheets, Charts and PowerPoint

3. Add Video to your Presentations

4. Add Sounds to your PowerPoint Presentations

5. PowerPoint and Presentation Tips


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