HTML Form Tags

   Main Form Tags    Comments
Form Create a HTML form
Name Add a name for your form
Method Select a method, GET or POST
Action Say where the form should be sent
Input Create a HTML form element
Type Select a type of form element
Label Add a label for a form element
Value A value for your form elements


HTML Form Elements

   Input Types    Comments
Button Create a clickable button
Checkbox Create a checkbox
Hidden Create a hidden form element
Image Specify an image to be used as a button
Password Set up a password box
Radio Create a radio/option button
Reset Create a reset button
Submit Create a submit button for your forms
Text Create a text box


HTML5 Form Elements and Attributes

HTML5 Form Elements Comments and Options
Placeholder Placeholder text
Required Require an element to be filled in
Email Email text box
URL URL text box
Number Number spinners
Range Sliders with a range of numbers
Date/Time Date and time textbox or calendar
Search A search box
Color Colour picker
Datalist Used with datalists are LIST, OPTION, VALUE, LABEL