Visual Basic .NET Video Contents Page

This is the Home and Learn video course for Visual Basic .NET. To get to the text version of the course, click the link below "Go To text Course". The text course is where you can find the link to download the Visual Studio software. The videos do not follow the text course exactly, and it is recommended that you do both, especially if you get stuck.

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  VB .NET One - Getting Started
  VB .NET Two - Logic  
  VB .NET Three - Adding menus to Forms  
  VB .NET Four - Debugging your code  

  VB .NET Five - Mastering Arrays  
  VB .NET Six - String Manipulation  
  VB .NET Seven - Working with Text Files  
  VB .NET Eight - Functions and Subs  
  VB .NET Nine - Events  
VB .NET Ten - Classes and Objects  
VB .NET Eleven - VB NET and Forms