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How to Format your Microsoft Word Tables

Our Table from the previous section looks OK. At the moment, it looks like this:

Our Table

But we could make the secons row of cells a bit bigger, and remove the internal borders from the top row. We'll start with resizing the table cells.

  • To make the second row bigger, click anywhere inside the second row of your table
  • Then click on Table > Table Properties from the menu bar
  • The Table Properties dialogue box appears
  • Click in the Row tab strip
  • Change your Row tab strip so that it matches the one below:

Change the height

  • In other words, put a tick in the box Specify height
  • Then change the number from 0 to 1 centimetre
  • Click the OK button when you’re done

Your table will now look like the one below:

The cells in the second row are now resized

As you can see, although we changed the height of the row, the numbers stayed where they were. To place the numbers in the middle of the row, do the following

  • Highlight the entire second row again
  • Click Table > Table Properties to bring up the Table Properties dialogue box again
  • Select the Cell tab strip
  • Click Center in the Vertical Alignment section

Select Center

Click the OK button when you have finished. Your text will be centred in the row:

The data is now centred



Remove Internal Borders in a Table

Only one last thing to do, and that's remove the borders from the inside of the top row.

To remove any borders you want, again you need the Table Properties dialogue box .

· First, highlight just the top row
· Click on Table > Table Properties to bring the dialogue box up
· Click on the Table tab strip
· Click the Borders and Shading button once again
· You get the Borders and Shading tab strip. Click on Borders:

Click on the Borders tab

The section you want is the one on the right, under the word Preview. The idea here is to click on the border that you want removed. We want to get rid of the interior borders of the top row, so the icon to click on is the middle of the three boxes at the bottom:

The Preview Section of the Borders tab

The icon to click on is the middle one of the icons on the bottom row. This one below, the one with the red circle around it.:

Click the middle line

Click on the icon with your left mouse button. Then click OK to get back to the Table Properties dialogue box. Click OK on the Table Properties dialogue box to return to your document. The top row of your table will have it's interior borders removed. It will now look like this:

The internal borders are removed

Except, the borders don't look as though they have been removed. Don't worry: they have. Word gives you a faint outline of where the borders used to be. These faint lines won't print out. You can see what your table really looks like by clicking File from the menu bar. Then click Print preview from the drop down menu.

When you zoom in close, you can see the difference between the two:

You can see that in the Print Preview version on the right, the interior lines are not displayed. In your document, however, you can see the faint lines where the borders used to be. The print preview is the real version, what it will look like printed out.

In the next section, we'll see how to design a more complex table.

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