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This tutorial is part of an ongoing lesson. The first part can be found here: Designing a Form

Add an Address Box to your Microsoft Word Form

In this section, we're going to add the address box to our form. So far, yours should look like this:

Your form so far


The address box is made of five separate rectangles which have been grouped together. To make an address box, do the following:

  • Draw a rectangle about the same size as the First Name or Surname rectangle
  • With the new rectangle selected, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard
  • Keep the Ctrl key held down and press the "C" key once. This will copy the rectangle
  • With the Ctrl key still held down press the "V" key once. This will paste the rectangle
  • A new rectangle is pasted to your form
  • Keep the Ctrl key held down and tap your "V" key another three times
  • You should have five rectangles on your page, looking like this:

Five rectangles

Only the bottom rectangle is selected.

  • Move the selected rectangle across a bit
  • Click on another rectangle
  • Move one rectangle below the other

One rectangle stacked on top of another

As you can see, one rectangle is stacked on top of another. Of the three rectangles on the left, the bottom one is selected. Move these three rectangles and position on top of the two you have already done. When you're finished, it should look like this:

All five rectangles are now stacked

The problem now is that you have five individual rectangles. If you wanted to move them, you'd have to move all five separately. A bit of a chore. The solution is to group all five rectangles together. After you have grouped them, the five are treated as one rectangle. You can move this one rectangle about quite easily.

To group your five rectangles, then, do the following:

  • Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard
  • Keep the shift key held down and click on a rectangle with your left mouse button
  • With the Shift key held down, keep clicking your rectangles until all five are selected and have the white squares around them
  • Your rectangles should now look like this:

All five rectangles are selected

Once the rectangles are all selected, they can now be grouped. To group your rectangles, do the following

  • Click on any of the rectangles, but click with your right mouse button
  • A menu appears
  • Move your mouse up to Grouping
  • A sub menu appears
  • Click Group with your left mouse button

Click Grouping > Group

When you click "Group", the menu disappears and the five rectangles will be grouped as one. It will look like the one below:

The five rectangles can now be moved as one

Before you move the address box, it's better to type your text for the entire line.

  • Set tab positions for this line to 1.5 cm and 10 cm
  • Tab across to the first tab stop position and then type in "Address"
  • Tab across to the second tab stop position and type in "Telephone"

Once the text is in place, then move your new address box into position. If the address box is too big, you can resize it.

Draw another box for the Telephone number and move it into position.

Add an Email box just below the Telephone one. Below the Email box add a Married category, with Yes and No boxes. Again, it's better to set your tab stop positions first, and then type in your text. Draw the boxes after you've done the text.

Add your National Insurance boxes ine xactly the same way you did for the Address box: draw the rectangles, move them into postion, select them all one by one, then Group them.

When you've done all that, your Form should now look like the finished one below:

Your finished form


And that's it for your Form. You have the entire thing designed!

So how did you do? Drawing boxes and grouping them together can be tricky at first, but a bit of practice will give you confidence. And when you have finished, your Word Processing skills will be at quite an advanced stage. So give yourself a pat on the back!

In the final section, we look at some very advanced Microsoft Word techniques.

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