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This tutorial is part of an ongoing lesson. The first part can be found here: Designing a Form

Design a Microsoft Word Form - Part 2

In the previous section, you added the text and a title for your form. Your form so far was like this:

The Form so far

But a form needs boxes that people can fill in. We'll see how to do that now. We'll add a box for each category above.

On the drawing toolbar, click the rectangle icon:

Click the Rectangle icon on the Drawing toolbar

  • Move your cursor to anywhere on the page
  • The mouse pointer turns into a narrow cross shape
  • Hold down your left mouse button
  • Keep the left mouse button held down
  • Drag your mouse outwards
  • Let go of the left mouse button when you have a small rectangle

When you let go of the mouse button you'll find that your rectangle has little white boxes surrounding it. This indicates that the rectangle is selected. You can move and resize your shape when it is selected. You can't do anything with it if it is not selected.

To select yourshape, just click on it with your left mouse button. When you see the white boxes surrounding your shape, you know it is selected. Your form may look something like this one below:

A rectangle has been added to the form

If your box is not the size you want, you can resize it. You've already done this, but here's a refresher:

  • To resize a shape, move your mouse pointer over one of the white squares.
  • Your mouse pointer will turn into a double-headed arrow
  • Hold down you left mouse button
  • Keep the button held down and drag your mouse inwards or outwards
  • Let go when you have the right size
  • To move your rectangle into position, move your mouse pointer over your box until the pointer turns into a arrow-headed cross
  • Hold down you left mouse button
  • Keep the button held down and drag your box into position
  • Let go of the mouse button when you are satisfied with the position

When you're moving your box around, you may find that it jumps too much, and you can't get it into the exact position you want. This is because of the grid. Each time your box moves, it jumps 0.32 centimetres in the horizontal, and 0.32 centimetres in the vertical. You can change these values.

To change the grid values so that you can position your box more precisely, do the following:

  • Click on the word Draw in the drawing tool bar
  • A menu pops up
  • Click on Grid

Click on Draw > Grid

When you click on "Grid", the following dialogue box pops up. The values you want to change are Vertical and Horizontal spacing:

Change the Horizontal and Vertical spacing

When your settings match the ones in the image above, click the OK button. When you move your box around, you will be able to so more exactly.

When you have your first box in position, draw two more boxes for the First Name and Surname. You Form should now be looking like this:

Three boxes have been added to the form


In the next part we'll see how to add the boxes for the Address.


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