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Mail Merge in Microsoft Word

The Mail Merge process in Word is very long indeed. Because the tutorial would be spread over too many pages (taxing your patience to the limit), we have produced a document for you to download to your own computer.

Click the link below for your version. What you are downloading is a zip file. If you're not sure how to open this, review the section How to Zip and Unzip files with WinZip.

Word 2000 (and below) users:

Click on the link below to get your Mail Merge document.

Download the Mail Merge Document for Word versions 2000 and below

Word 2002/2003 users:

If you have Word versions 2002 and above, then the Mail Merge process is quite different. Download the Word document below to learn how to use Mail Merge in your version.

Download the Mail Merge Document for Word versions 2002 and above


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