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Create a Letterhead in Microsoft Word

In this section, we're going to create a letterhead document. The letterhead we create will be saved as a template, so that you can get to it quickly and easily. You could then use your letterhead for all outgoing correspondence, if you wish.

Let's get started with letterheads.


What is a Letterhead?

A letterhead is some form of design for your stationary. Typically, a name and address would be included in a letterhead, along with contact details. A logo is often incorporated into a letterhead. The one you're going to be designing is this one:

A letterhead


To design a letterhead like the one above, three elements were used: AutoShapes, Textbox and a Line.

  • So, start a new Microsoft Word document
  • Set the page margins for your letter (see the earlier Page Margins lesson, for how to do this.)
  • Add the Pyramid AutoShape (See the earlier Using AutoShapes section for how to do this.)

The Pyramid AutoShape can be added by clicking on AutoShape in the Drawing toolbar (Click on View > Toolbars > Drawing, if yours is not visible.) Click on "More AutoShapes", just like you did in the logo lesson. When you get the dialogue box, click on the Conceptual category. The pyramid is at the bottom. But you can use any shape that takes your fancy.

When you add the pyramid, it will be rather big, so resize it to something smaller. Once you have the pyramid AutoShape on your page, can add a textbox. If you don't know how to do this, see the section Working with the Textbox Object.

When you've added an AutoShape, and a textbox with an address in it, you work might look something like this one:

LetterHead Design

But feel free to come up with your own design. Note, however, that the address above is placed in a textbox that has the Lines removed. You can then move your address in to position.

For a finishing touch, we can add a line quite easily. In fact, you already know how to add a line, because you did it in the Headers and Footers section. But try this:

  • Click the line tool on the Drawing toolbar
  • Position your cursor at the top left of your pyramid
  • Hold down the left mouse button
  • Keep the mouse button held down and drag the mouse downwards
  • Let the mouse button go when you're happy with the line length

You are aiming for something like this:

A line added to the Letterhead

We now have three separate objects on the page: an AutoShape, a Textbox, and a Line. We now need to group them, so that they can be moved around as one object.

To group your objects, do the following:

  • Click on one of your objects with the left hand mouse button
  • It will have the white squares
  • Hold the shift key down on your keyboard
  • Keep the Shift key held down and click a second object with your left mouse button
  • With the shift key still held down, click the third object
  • All three objects will be selected and have white squares around them:

Alll three objects are selected

  • Once all the objects are selected, click on any of then with your Right mouse button
  • From the menu that pops up select Grouping
  • From the Grouping submenu, click Group (with your left mouse button)

Select Group from the Grouping menu

Your three objects have now been turned into one object. Move the single image to where you want your letterhead to appear:

The shapes are being moved

The arrow-headed cross is where the left mouse button has been held down. The image is being moved upwards.

And here's the finished letterhead once more:

The finished letterhead


In the next lesson, you learn how to save the letterhead as a template, so that you can open it up quite quickly whenever it is needed.

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