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3D Text with Microsoft Word Art

In the previous lesson, you learned how to add Word Art to a page. In this tutorial, you'll see how to use the more advanced features. We'll create something like this:

3D Word Art


To start, click the Word Art icon on your drawing toolbar and select the first one. Click OK, and type some text. Click OK again and the text is added to the page:

Plain Word Art

To add a bit of colour, click the Format WordArt icon on the toolbar. Or right click your Word Art and select Format WordArt from the menu:

Click Format WordArt

When you get the Format dialogue box popping up, select the Colours and Lines tab, and choose a colour from the Fill section, as in the image below:

Select a Fill colour

To turn the text into 3D Word Art, click the 3D icon on the Drawing toolbar:

The 3D icon is on the Drawing toolbar

From the popup box, select 3-D Settings:

Click on 3-D settings

When you click the 3-D Settings option, you'll get another toolbar on your page. This one:

The 3-D settings toolbar

This allows you to set various 3-D options. You can rotate the text, specify the depth, and add some light. We'll start with the depth setting, which is the 6th icon from the left. Click this icon to see a new menu:

Click the depth icon

Click inside the Custom box, and change yours to 12 points (the default is 36). With the depth added, the Word Art looks a bit messy. We can change the 3D colour, to make the text stand out a bit more.

Click the 3-D colour icon on the toolbar, which is the final one. But click on the black arrow, as in the image below:

Click the black arrow on the 3-D colour option

Either choose a colour from the list, or click the More 3-D Colors option at the bottom. When you have selected a colour, your 3-D text might look like this:

The 3-D colour has been added

Not much left to do now!

To rotate your text, click the Tilt buttons on the 3-D toolbar:

Click the Tilt icons to rotate your text

You can tilt the text Up, Down, Left and Right. Experiment with the settings until you have your Word Art in a position you like.

As a final touch, add a spot of light:

Click the Light icon and choose a light direction

When you're finished, your work might look something like this one:

The finished Word Art

Have fun!

In the next section, we take a look at Letterheads and Mail Merge in Microsoft Word.


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