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How to Group Shapes in Word

If you draw or insert two shapes onto your page, both shapes can move about separately. Click on one shape and move it, then click on the other and move it. Both shapes are considered different objects. You can group shapes together so that they become one single shape. That way, they move about as one. Which is what we want.

To group your two shapes, you need to select both of them, so that the two shapes have the square boxes around them.

To select more than one shape, do this

  • Click on the first shape with your left mouse button
  • The white squares surround the first shape
  • Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard (The shift key is the one you use for capital letters.)
  • Keep the Shift key held down and then click with your left mouse button on the second shape
  • Both shapes now have the white squares around them, and both are now selected

With both shapes selected, you can group them together.

  • To group the shapes, click on Draw in the Drawing toolbar
  • The Draw menu pops up
  • Click Group right at the top of the menu, as in the image below

Click Group from the Draw menu

Your shape will now be one single object, with white squares around the edges.

With the two shapes grouped as one, you can go ahead and resize it, just like you did with the oval. When it's the size you want, move the image around your page.

In the next part, you'll see how to add text in a textbox, and move that around the page. You'll also group the textbox with your shapes to create one single object that you can move around

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