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How to Use AutoShapes to Create a Microsoft Word Logo

In the previous sections, you learned how to create a simple logo. We'll now create a more sophisticated logo using AutoShapes. The logo we're going to design is this one:

An AutoShape logo

Again, it's not terribly complex, but it will demonstrate the use of AutoShapes, and Grouping. Off we go, then.

To get started on the logo, click AutoShapes in the Drawing toolbar. You get a pop up menu of available shapes. There's loads to choose from. In the image below, the Basic Shape sub menu is displayed:

The Basic Shapes

To select a shape, you click on one with your left mouse button. Then draw the shape on your page, as you did with the oval in the first logo.

But we don't want any of those shapes. We want to get at the clip art shapes. To do that, click More AutoShapes at the bottom of the menu.

You get the familiar Clip Art dialogue box popping up. It's a bit slimmer this time. Scroll down until you get to the "Miscellaneous" category, as in the next picture:

Select the Miscellaneous category

Click on Miscellaneous and you'll see the shapes available. Scroll down until you see the one in the picture below, then click it with your left mouse button:

Click a Shape  and insert the Clip

Click the Insert clip icon with your left mouse button. The shape will be transferred to your page.

With the Clip Art dialogue box still open, move down to the next shape (the "L") and insert that clip as well. Get rid of the clip art dialogue box by clicking the little X in the top right of the box.

You should now have two shapes on your page. They'll look a bit big, but don't resize them yet. We'll do that soon. For now, move the L-shaped shape into position. Make sure your mouse pointer is in the shape of a arrow-head cross.

Move Step 1 - The Mouse pointer will change shape

Step One: The pointer will change shape


Move Step 2 - Hold down your left mouse button and drag the shape into position

Step Two: Hold down your left mouse button and drag

Move Step 3 - Let go of the left mouse button when the shape is in position

Step Three: Let go of the left mouse button when the shape is in position

With the two shapes in position, we can now group them together.

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