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How to Add Shadows and Text to your Microsoft Word Logo

In the previous section, you learned how to use the drawing toolbar to create an oval shape. You then added some colour to the shape. In this part, you'll learn how to add a shadow to a shape, and how to create some text on top of the oval.

To add some shadow to your oval, do the following:

  • Click the shadow tool in the Drawing toolbar:

The Shadow tool

  • The following options box pops up
  • Click on a shadow option with your left mouse button:

Click on a shadow option

If you want a different colour for your shadow, click Shadow Settings. A menu bar will spring up across your page. This one:

The Shadow Settings

Click the tiny black down-pointing arrow to get the colour box popping up. To select a shadow colour, just click on one of the coloured squares with your left mouse button:

Select a Shadow Colour

When you're done, your shape should look something like this:

The oval with Shadow added


Adding Text to a Shape

It only remains to add some text to our simple logo. To add text on top of your shape, do the following:

  • Click somewhere in the middle of your shape, but click with your right mouse button
  • A pop up menu appears
  • Click on Add Text with your left mouse button

Select Add Text from the menu

  • Your cursor will start flashing inside your shape
  • Add some text and then highlight it
  • Click on Format from the menu bar
  • From the drop down menu, click Font to bring up the Font dialogue box
  • Choose a Font and Font size
  • Click OK when you're happy with your choices
  • And here's the finished product - a simple logo

The Finished Logo

You can move the whole thing about by clicking on the logo. When you see the white squares, move your pointer to the edges of the shape, until the mouse pointer turns into a arrow-headed cross. Hold down your left mouse button and drag your logo to a new position.

In the next part, we'll design a more sophisticated logo. We'll use clip art AutoShapes and group them together.

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