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Create a Cover Page in Microsoft Word


We'll now add a title to the front cover, with some nice shading behind it. When you're finished, your document will look like this one: view the finished document.

To add a Title, do the following:

  • Move your cursor up to the middle of your page
  • Type in the words "fairy tales". Centred your text on the page.
  • Change the size of your font to something quite big, perhaps 72 points
  • Pick a nice font from those available to you
  • In the image below, the font is Impact

The Impact font is used here, size 72

You may or may not have this font on your system. If not, use a font that catches your eye. As long as it's nice, big, and in the middle of the page, it doesn't matter.

  • Next, highlight the entire line of text (NOT just the words "Fairy Tales")
  • From the menu bar, click on Borders and Shading
  • Click the word "Shading" to select that tab strip
  • It should look like this one:

The Shading tab on the Borders and Shading dialogue box

Notice that the "Apply to" text box says Paragraph. This will ensure that only the line we've highlighted will change colour.

In the Patterns text box, it says "Clear". This means a background colour without any pattern on it. We'll stick with these settings.

To add some colour, then, click one of the colour squares. To keep it nice and simple, go for one of the grey colour squares on the top row. Click on one of the squares with your left mouse button to select a shade of grey. When you're done, click the OK button. The background of your text will be highlighted like the one below:

The Shaded Line

And that's it for our simple cover design. The whole thing should look like the one in the page below (your clip art will probably be different):

What your cover page should look like

OK, so it's not a professional book cover, but it's not bad for a first effort! And it will teach you the techniques you can use to design a better one.

With a cover designed, we can move on to an index. You might argue that you can't index the contents of a booklet if you don't have any contents! Nevertheless, we can set up an index page and then add the right story titles and page numbers later.


Create a Table of Contents page to your booklet -->

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