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How to Format your Microsoft Word Headers

In the previous section, you learnt how to enter text in the Header area of the page. We'll now see how to add some extra formatting to the Header area.
  • So, click View from the menu bar
  • From the drop down list, move your mouse down to Toolbars
  • From the Sub Menu that appears, click Drawing with your left mouse button:

Enable the Drawing toolbar in Word

You should see the drawing toolbar appear. It might be at the bottom of the page, but it will look like this:

The Drawing Toolbar

The important one for us is the diagonal line, after "AutoShapes. It is circled below:

The Line tool is circled

  1. Click on the diagonal line with your left mouse button
  2. Now move your mouse pointer up to your Header area
  3. Your mouse pointer will now be a cross shape
  4. Click with your left mouse button near the left of the Header area
  5. Keep your left mouse button held down, and drag your mouse to the right
  6. Let go when yours looks something like the one below

A line is now drawn under the text

If your line is not straight, you can do something about it. First, be aware of the two different shapes your mouse pointer can turn into.

If you want to straighten your line, or if you want to resize the line, the mouse pointer should look like this:

The Resize mouse pointer

If you want to move your line, the mouse pointer should look like this:

The Move mouse pointer

The square box indicates that the line is selected. You select the line by clicking on it with the left mouse button. You can't straighten, resize, or move the line until you have selected it.

To straighten a line then, move your mouse pointer to the right hand square white box, until your mouse pointer changes to the shape of the double-headed arrow.

  • With your left hand mouse button held down, drag your mouse up or down until the line is straight.
  • Let go of your mouse when you're happy with your line

At the moment, the line's a little too big. We can shorten it.

  • Again, move your mouse to the end of the line, over the white square box
  • Hold down your left mouse button when the mouse pointer changes to the shape of the double-headed arrow
  • Drag your mouse left to shorten the line
  • Drag your mouse right to lengthen the line

Your line should now look something like the one below:

What your Header should look like now

We can move it up a bit now.

  • Move your mouse pointer somewhere in the middle of your line, making sure you have clicked the line to select it
  • Your mouse pointer will turn into a arrow-headed cross
  • With your left mouse button held down, drag your line upwards

You might have found that the line won't go exactly under the text. When you try to move your line, it might jump up too much. To solve the problem, you need to learn how to use the Drawing Grid. This gives you much finer control of how far objects like lines can move on the page. We'll see how to use that in the next part of this lesson.


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