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How to Insert a Page Break in Microsoft Word

If you want to start a new page in Microsft Word, and you already have 1 or more pages created, you can simply keep pressing the Enter key on your keyboard. The cursor will then move down the page. When it goes past the bottom, a new page will be created.

However, there is an easier way - the Page Break. This is quite simple.

If you've been working on the Table of Contents page in the last section, then tap your enter key a few times after "Story Five". If you haven't been working on the Table of Contents page, make sure your cursor is flashing on a new line (though it doesn't have to be). Then do the following:

  • Click Insert from the menu bar
  • From the drop down list, click Break (right at the top)
  • The following dialogue box appears

The Break dialogue box

What this is telling you is that you can force a break. There are different types of break that you can force. We want to force a Page Break. This is already selected, so just click OK.

What this will do is cause Word to give you a new page. But you are controlling where this new page comes. This will come in very handy when you are inserting the stories into your booklet.

The result should be that you are now on page three of your booklet.

Download the stories, and insert the first one (This is covered in the section How to insert a text file You can download the stories on that page, too.). Format the text and title to your liking. Then add some clip art to the top right of the story. (This is covered in the section How to insert Clip Art )

Move your cursor down the page to a new line, and then enter another Page Break. Insert another story, and some more clip art where appropriate. When you've finished inserting all five stories, don't forget to go back your Table of Contents page and insert some page numbers! You can also rename the Story One, Story Two, etc, titles to the title of the stories you inserted.

In the final part of this section, though. We'll show you a more advanced way to create a Table of Contents.

Advanced Word - Table of Contents -->

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