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This is an on-going tutorial on Clip Art in Microsoft Word. The first part of this tutorial is here: Part one of the clip art tutorial.


How to Wrap Text in Microsoft Word

As you can see, we are getting there. Only a few things left to do. The first is to straighten that text out. We can do that quite easily. After that, we'll take a look at text wrapping.

To straighten the right edge of the text, do the following:

  • Highlight all the text from "Et Voila!" right down to the end "And they say entertainment is dead!"
  • Click the justify icon in the toolbar
  • The justify icon is the one on the right below

The right Justify icon

  • Next, Highlight "Et Voila!", and click the centre icon
  • The centre icon is second from the left in the image above
  • Your document should now look something like this:

What you document should look like now


Text Wrapping

Just one final thing to do, and that's adjust the space between the left edge of our clip art, and the right edge of our text. We want more of a gap there.

To adjust the spacing between the text and the clip art,

  1. Click on the Clip Art image
  2. Click Format from the menu bar
  3. From the drop down menu, select Picture. This will bring up the “Format Picture” dialogue box again
  4. Click on the word “Layout” to bring up the Layout tab strip once more
  5. Click the “Advanced” button. This will bring up the Text Wrapping tab, as in the image below

The Text Wrapping option

There's a lot to take in with that dialogue box. Concentrate on the bottom part, though. Where it says "Distance from text". You can see four text boxes: Top, Bottom, Left, Right. We want the text box that says Left. This means the Left edge of the image.

So change the value in this text box. Yours will probably be 0.32 cm. You can use the little arrows at the side to change the value, or just type in the number. Change the value to 1.5 cm. Click OK when you're done.

You'll be taken back to the "Format Picture" dialogue box. Click the OK button on this dialogue box. You'll see the distance between your text and your Clip Art has changed. It will look like this:

The distance between your text and your Clip Art has changed


And that's it! You're finished! You can now insert Clip Art into a document, and wrap text around your image. If you're not too confident about your new skills, go back to the beginning and start this section all over again - practice makes perfect!

The next section of the course is all about working with Multi-Page documents. To continue, click the link below.

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