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This is an on-going tutorial on Clip Art in Microsoft Word. The first part of this tutorial is here: Part one of the clip art tutorial.


How to Resize your Word Clip Art

Now that you have inserted your Clip Art, click on your image with the left mouse button. You should see some little black squares appear around the edges of your Clip Art. These black squares are the sizing handles, as in the image below:

The black sizing handles are squares around the edges of the image

To change the size of your image, move your mouse pointer over one of the little black squares, the bottom right square is the best one for our purposes.

Your mouse pointer will change to the shape of a double headed arrow. Like the one below

The mouse pointer changes shape when placed over a sizing handle

When your pointer has changed shape, hold your left mouse button down. The pointer will now change into a cross shape. With your left mouse button held down, drag your mouse upward and to the left. Let go of the left mouse button when you're happy with the size.

If you let go of the mouse button and the image is not the size you want, just try again. If your image loses the black squares around the edges, click on the image to get them back.

Your document should now look something like the one below:

What your document should look like now

To move your image to the right hand side, try this:

  1. Click on your image to get the black sizing handles back
  2. Hold down your left mouse button.
  3. Keep the left mouse button held down
  4. Drag your mouse to the right

What happens? Nothing! The image refuses to move to the right hand side! What's going on? And how do you move an image in Microsoft Word?

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