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How to Insert Clip Art into Microsoft Word

Clip art is a picture or graphic that can be inserted into a word processed document. Clip art comes in a wide variety of formats and styles, from a simple cartoon to a photographic image. Microsoft Word comes with its own clip art collection that you can use. We'll see how to do that in this section of the course. When you have finished, you will have produced the document below:

Your final document will look like this


OK, let's get started.

Inserting Clip Art

The first thing to do is type your text into a new document. So go ahead and type the Mr Presto story in your new page. If you don't fancy typing it all out, click below to download a copy:

Download the story

When you've typed all that you can insert some clip art. (Note: The dialogue boxes are from Word 2000. If you have a version of Word greater than 2000, then download your version here.)

  1. Position your cursor at the end of your text
  2. From the menu bar, click on Insert
  3. From the drop down menu, move you mouse down to Picture
  4. A sub menu appears
  5. Select Clip Art
  6. The following dialogue box appears:

The Insert Clip Art dialogue box

The clip art is arranged into categories. To view the Clip Art in a category, click a category with your left mouse button. To insert the magician and his rabbit, click the "Animals" category. The dialogue box will now be this:

There are 7 pictures in the Animals category

Click on the magician with the left hand mouse button. You'll see the following:

Click on a clip art to see this

The first one of these four icons is the one we want - insert clip. So click the first icon of the four. The image is inserted into your document. But the Clip Art dialogue box won't disappear. To get rid of the dialogue box, click the little X at the top right of the box.

You will see that your Clip Art has been inserted. Except it will probably be just a little too big. Don't worry; we can resize it quite easily.

Learn how to resize Clip Art -->

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