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Exercise Two - Expenses Form

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Download the document you need for this exercise

Councilman Todd has sent his chauffer to your house. The chauffer hands you a rather scruffy document. It is the Councilman's expense form. The chauffer tells you that Councilman Todd wants the look of the document improved. Or else.

You don't quite know what he means by "or else", but you decide not to incur Councilman's Todd's wrath anyway. You'll do it. The document currently looks like this:

See the messy version of the expenses form

For this exercise, improve the look of Councilman Todd's Expense form, so that it looks as neat as the finished version of Constable Tucker's Crime Statistics.

Your finished version might look like this:

View the finished version

Your finished document should include the following: Bold text, italics, Bullets, Tabs, Change of font and font size, centre alignment.

Good luck!


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