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Page Margins in Microsoft Word

If you look at the ruler bar on the left of your screen, you'll see grey areas at the top and bottom of the left ruler, and a white area in the middle. The grey areas are your top and bottom margins. There are a number of ways you can adjust your page margins in Microsoft Word.

(If you can't see a ruler on the left hand side, from the menu click on View. From the drop down list, select Print Layout.)

We'll adjust the Top margin for our report. The ruler bar on the left of the screen currently looks like this:

The lefthand page margin

As you can see, there's a grey area to the left, and underneath a white area. The white areas have numbers in them. If you trace your finger from the bottom of the grey area across and to "Constable Tucker's Crime" you'll find they match up exactly. This is the top of our page. You can't move your cursor above the white area an into the grey. But you can change the size of the grey area, and therefore your top margin.

There are a couple of ways you can change your margins in Microsoft Word. We'll start with the tricky way!

  • Move your mouse pointer half way between the grey area and the white area
  • Your mouse pointer will change to the shape of a double arrow

The top margin

  • Next, hold down your left mouse button
  • Your screen should now look like this

Hold your left mouse button down

  • Notice the thin dashed line running across the page. This is your current top margin
  • With your left mouse still held down drag your mouse downwards
  • The thin dashed line will move with your mouse
  • Let go of your mouse button when you see a 5 at the top of the grey area

Before you let go of the mouse button:

Before you let go of the mouse button:

After you let go of the mouse button:

After you let go of the mouse button

Notice how our top margin has jumped down. We now have a bigger gap at the top, and therefore more space.


OK, that was the tricky way to adjust a top margin. In the next section, we'll look at another way to change your page margins in Microsoft Word.

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