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Bold Text in Microsoft Word

To make any part of your text bold in Microsoft Word, you have to highlight the text. So using one of the highlight techniques you learnt in the previous section, highlight the first line of the report. In other words, highlight the words "Constable Tucker's Crime Statistics". Your page should like this one:

Highlight the first line of the text

Incidentally, if you haven't got the ruler bar showing, click on View from the Microsoft Word menu bar. Then click Ruler.

But we're going to make bold the text we highlighted. There are two very easy ways to make your highlighted text bold. The first is by clicking the "B" icon on the toolbar. It looks like this:

The Bold Icon

With your text highlighted, click the "B" icon. Your text will turn bold. You might not be able to tell because your text will still be highlighted. Click anywhere on your blank page to get rid of the black highlight.

The "B" icon will change to this:

The Bold icon clicked

That indicates that you have Bold text switched on. To turn off Bold text, highlight the text and then click the B icon with the left mouse button.


Use Keyboard

Another easy way to make your text bold in Microsoft Word is with the keyboard. To make text bold by using the keyboard, do the following

  1. Highlight the text you want to make bold
  2. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard
  3. Keep the Ctrl key held down
  4. Press the letter B on your keyboard
  5. To switch off the bold text, keep the Ctrl key held down and press the B key again.

When you have successfully changed the first line of the report to bold text, change the crimes themselves so that they are all bold. Change the Months of the year to bold text, too. When you're done, your document will look like this:

Bold text applied to the document

As you can see, there is a distinct difference between the bold text and the normal text. We'll now use italics and underlining.

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