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How to Highlight Text

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Highlighting techniques in Microsoft Word

It's a lot easier to show you what highlighting is, rather than explaining it. So examine the image below.

The highlighted letter

The two lines with the black background have been highlighted. When you highlight some text you can do things with it. You can change the size of the font, underline it, make it bold, delete it altogether, and many other things. But only the text that you have highlighted will change. The rest of your document will remain unchanged. So if we were to change the size of the font in the document above, only the two lines that have been highlighted will change size. Highlighting is very important in word processing.

So how do you highlight some text?

There are quite a few different ways to highlight text. We'll go through a few now. Practice them as you go long.

How to Highlight an entire document

You can highlight your entire document from the Edit menu. Click on Edit. From the drop down menu click on Select All. All of your text will have a black background. To get rid of highlighted text, click anywhere in your document with your left mouse button.


How to Highlight an entire line

Most of the time, though, you won't want to highlight the entire document, but just sections of it. You can highlight an entire line with just one mouse click.

To highlight a single line, move your mouse over to the left margin of your document. As in the image below.

Move your mouse to the left margin

When the mouse pointer turns into an arrow, click your left hand mouse button once, then let go. A single line will be highlighted.

The line is now highlighted

You can use the same technique to highlight more than one line at a time. Instead of letting go of the left mouse button, keep it held down. Then move your mouse upwards or downwards in a straight line.

Keep your mouse held down to highlight more than one line

Let go of the mouse button when you are satisfied.

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