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Exercise One - Write a Reply Letter

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The council has replied to Mr Irate's letter. They had this to say


Dear Mr Irate,

The council did not take the decision to close the library lightly. It was a difficult decision, and one made entirely on financial priorities: constable Tucker must have his salary; Firewoman Jones must have her salary; and Ambulance Driver Henderson certainly must be paid for her heroic duties. Not forgetting, of course, the enormous cost of Mr Cobble's refuse collection.

As for the subject of the £12.50 raised towards a Delia Smith, the council feels that there are enough of these cookery books in existence already. There is simply no need to purchase another. If you are lacking in the Delia Smith department, my chauffer can easily lend you his copy.

I hope that this matter is now closed.

Your truly,

Councilman Todd


Needless to say, Mr Irate does not feel that the matter is closed. For Exercise number 1, write Mr Irate's response letter to Councilman Todd. Your letter should contain an address aligned to the right, and at least two paragraphs.


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