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Here are the full contents for our Microsoft Word course. This course is for those who have either Word 2000 or Word 2003. If you have a newer version of the software then your tutorials are here:

Click Here for our Word 2007 to Word 2013 Course


To make a start, simply click any link below. If you're new to computing then we suggest you start right at the beginning in Section One. Good luck!

  > Section One - Get Started with Microsoft Word  
1.1 Launching Word

1.2 Your First Letter

1.3 Saving Documents

1.4 Highlighting Text

1.5 Opening Files

1.6 Adding an Address to a Letter

1.7 Switch off Red Green Underline in Word

1.8 SpellChecking and Grammar

1.9 Project One

  > Section Two - Document Formatting  
2.1 Typing the Document

2.2 Bold Text

2.3 Italics and Underline

2.4 How to set Tabs

2.5 Bulletted text

2.6 Setting a Font

2.7 Page Margins

2.8 More Page Margins

2.9 Project Two

  > Section Three - Cut, Copy and Paste  
3.1 How to Cut text

3.2 How to Cut and Paste text

3.3 How to Copy and Paste text
  > Section Four - Clip Art  
4.1 Inserting Clip art

4.2 Resizing Clip Art

4.3 Moving Clip Art

4.4 Text Wrapping

  > Section Five -Multi-Page Documents  
5.1 How to setup your Page Margins

5.2 Inserting Text Files

5.3 Headers and Footers

5.4 Formatting the Header

5.5 An introduction to the Drawing Grid

5.6 Print Preview

5.7 Insert Page numbers into documents

5.8 Create a Booklet in Microsoft Word

5.9 Add a Title to your Cover Page

5.10 Create a Table of Contents Page

5.11 Create a Page Break in Word

5.12 Advanced Table of Contents



  > Section Six - The drawing toolbar, Word Art  
6.1 How to use the Drawing toolbar in Word

6.2 Adding Shadows and Text to a Shape

6.3 Learn how to use AutoShapes

6.4 Grouping Shapes in Microsoft Word

6.5 Working with the Textbox object

6.6 Learn how to create Word Art

6.7 Advanced Word Art

  > Section Seven - Letterheads, and more ...  

7.1 Create a Letterhead in Microsoft Word

7.2 Create a Template in Microsoft Word

7.3 Mail Merge in Microsoft Word
  > Section Eight - Design a Form in Word  
8.1 How to Design a Form in Microsoft Word

8.2 Adding Boxes to the Form

8.3 Add an Address Box to the Form
  > Section Nine - Create Tables in Word  
9.1 Create a Table in Microsoft Word

9.2 Table cells and Internal Table Borders

9.3 Using the Table Toolbar

9.4 How to add an external Table Border

  > Section Ten - How to create Word Macros  
10.1 What is a Macro?

10.2 How to create a Macro in Microsoft Word

10.3 How Assign a Macro to the Keyboard

10.4 How Assign a Macro to the Toolbar

10.5 How to Delete your Macros