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How to Format an Excel Chart


To formart the chart you created in the last part, do this:

  • Click on your chart with your right mouse button
  • A pop up menu appears
  • Move your mouse up to "Format Chart Area"

Format Chart Area

  • Click on Format Chart Area with your left mouse button
  • A dialogue box appears, and looks like the one below:

Format Area dialogue box

Select the Font tab strip, and change your settings to match those above: Arial, Regular, Size 8. Click OK when you're done. Your Chart will look something like the one below:

What your chart should look like now

We now have four programmes showing, and different ones! Not quite there yet, then. We need to move the chart up a bit, and then resize it.

To move your chart up, do the following:

  • Move your mouse into the Chart Area, but on a white bit
  • Hold down your left mouse button
  • Keep the left mouse button held down, and drag your mouse upwards
  • Your chart should move up
  • Let go of the left mouse button when your chart is near the top
  • In the image below, the top left of the chart has been moved to the cell B2

Moving the Chart


Now that we've moved our Chart up to the top of the spreadsheet, we can resize it.

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