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How to Create a Bar Chart in Excel


OK, we're going to make a chart out of the BBC1 Viewing figures we created in the last part. The chart we're going to create will look like the one below, when it's finished.

An Excel Bar Chart

To start making your chart, you need to highlight the data that will make up the chart.

  • So highlight the BBC1 programmes and the viewing figures
  • From the menu bar, click on Insert
  • From the drop down list, click Chart

When you click on Insert > Chart, the Chart wizard appears. It looks like the one below:

There is a four step process to go through with the wizard. The first step is to select a chart type. The Chart Type showing in the image is a column chart. To see what this will look like, click the button "Press and Hold to View Sample". Click with the left mouse button, and keep the button held down. You see a preview of what the chart will look like.

Let go of the left mouse button and you are returned to the chart types. The chart we want is Bar. So click on Bar in the Chart Types list. You'll see some different Bar types under Chart Sub Types. Make sure the first one is selected.


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