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Working out Weekly and Annual Sums


OK, so what else can we do to our spreadsheet? Well, we can work out how much this addiction is costing each week.

You have the individual costs of each chocolate bar. So all you need to do is add the Cost column up. So enter a suitable heading, something like "Weekly Cost of Chocolate Addiction". Next, enter a formula to add up the Cost column, so that you have a figure for how much is being spent on chocolate bars each week. When you are done, your spreadsheet should look like the one below.

Weekly Cost in Cell F20

The formula to add up the Cost column has gone in cell F20. As you can see, the total is £26.18 per week. A lot of money to spend on chocolate bars!

We can also work out how much the addiction costs each year.

Enter some text for the yearly total. In the spreadsheet above, we would just click on cell A21 and enter the text "Annual Cost of Chocolate addiction". We would then want the answer to appear in cell F21, right under the Weekly total of £26.18.

But what's our formula?

We know that there are 52 weeks in a year. We spend £26.18 on chocolate bars every week. So the sum is quite simple:

= F20 * 52

  • So click inside cell F21
  • Click inside the formula bar
  • Enter the formula above
  • Press the Return key on your keyboard
  • The correct figure should appear in cell F21
  • Your spreadsheet should now look like the one below:

Yearly Sum in cell F21

The formula you just entered demonstrates that you can mix cell references with real numbers: you don't need to enter cell reference in formulas, and only cell references. In fact, you don't even need to enter a cell reference at all. You could have entered this in the formula bar instead:

= 26.18 * 52

Excel wouldn't mind either way. It would mind, however, if you tried to enter the pound sign in the formula bar. To get the pound sign you would need to format the cell to Currency.

And that completes our Chocolate Addiction spreadsheet. At an annual cost of one thousand, three hundred and sixty one pounds and thirty six pounds it is definitely time to quit!


The next part is the final paret of section section three, and it's all about how to add comments to your excel spreadsheets.

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