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How to Multiply figures in Excel


This time, we need to multiply the cost of each bar by how many were eaten. So we want to multiply the Price by the Number. The Price is in the B column and the Number is in the C column.

We want the answer to appear in the Cost column. So click inside the cell D15. If you wanted to multiply two numbers together the standard mathematical notation is this:

35 x 17 = 595

However, Excel doesn't use the X symbol to multiply. Simply because it would be confused with the letter X. Instead the asterisk symbol is used. The asterisk symbol is the one above the number 8 on your (English) keyboard. So the sum above would be this in Excel:

35 * 17 = 595

It's very easy to multiply two numbers together using Excel. When we were adding up we used the =Sum( ) function. In between the brackets we told Excel which cells we wanted to add up. You don't need a function when you are multiplying; all you need to do is "tell" Excel which cells you want to multiply. So do this:

  • Click inside the cell D15
  • Click inside the Formula Bar at the top
  • Type this:

= B15 * C15

  • Then press the Return key on your keyboard
  • Excel should give you the answer £5.95
  • Your spreadsheet will look like the one below

Multiplying in Excel

So when you want to multiply use this formula:

= Cell reference * Cell Reference

In the formula bar in the image above, you can see the actual formula used:

= B15 * C15

Once we have that formula in place, we can Auto Fill the others. You should know how to do this by now. So Auto Fill the other three costs and your spreadsheet should look like this one:

Multiply a column of figures


Make sure your totals in the Cost column are the same as the ones in the image above. You can then move on to the next part.

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