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Copying and Pasting in Excel


OK, 80 chocolate bars in one week is a lot of chocolate bars. But how much is this addiction costing every week? How much is it costing per year?

We can work this sums out quite easily. First, we'll need some text headings.

  • Click inside cell A13 and enter the text "Cost of Addiction"
  • Merge the text into one cell, just like you did in the last part
  • Format the text: bold, centre, a coloured font or background, if your prefer
  • When you have finished, press the Return key on your keyboard

We'll now copy and paste some text.

  • Click inside cell A4, then highlighted the cells down to A7 (the cells A4, A5, A6 and A7 should be highlighted)
  • From the menu bar, click on Edit
  • From the menu that drops down, click copy
  • There should be some sort of animated line around your highlighted cells - the marching ants!

The Marching Ants

  • When you see the marching ants, click inside cell A15 of your spreadsheet
  • Press the Return key on your keyboard
  • The text should have been copied to the new location, and your spreadsheet will look like the one below

The Copied Data

We'll enter some more headings, so that we can work out how much this addiction is costing.

  • Click inside cell B14 and enter Price
  • Click inside cell C14 and enter Number
  • Click inside cell D14 and enter Cost

The spreadsheet now looks like this:

Under "Price" is where we'll put the price of each chocolate bar. Under "Number" we'll put the number of each bar eaten in a week. Under "Cost" is where we'll find out how much is being spent each week on the individual chocolate bars. In other words, how much is being spent on Mars Bars, how much on Twix, how much on Bounty Bars, and how much on Others.

So enter some prices. Our researchers have been out and about eating chocolate bars. They found that prices for each chocolate bar are these:

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  Mars Bars .35
  Twix .29
  Bounty .32
  Others .40

So enter those numbers in the prices column. Don't forget to put "dot price" and not just "price". So it would be .35 for mars bars and not just 35.


When you have finished entering the prices, you can format them all as Currency. You learnt how do this in the first section. (Format > Cells, then click the Number tab strip form the dialogue box. Click Currency under Category, and format it to 2 decimal places.

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