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Excel Projects - Project One


The picture below shows a simple spreadsheet. There are no formulas in it, and nothing is being added up or subtracted (we'll do that in the next section).

Excel Spreadsheet - Project One

For Project Number 1, reproduce the spreadsheet above (the famous junk food diet!). Your spreadsheet must include the following:

  1. Centred text and numbers
  2. Widened columns
  3. Bold font for the text and numbers
  4. Background colours or patterns for the cells

In the prices column, you'll notice that the Currency sign has been included. To get theCurrency signs in your spreadsheet, do this:

  • First enter a number for the price, but enter a zero then a full stop first, then the numbers. So enter 0.35 for the first price and not just 35
  • When you have all five prices, highlight the cells C4 to C8
  • With the cells highlighted, click on Format from the menu bar
  • From the menu that drops down, click on "Cells"
  • You'll get the familiar Format Cells dialogue box popping up
  • Click on "Number", and change your setting to match the ones in the dialogue box below

Format Currency in Excel

The changes to make are: click on Currency from the Category section; and make sure the Decimal Places text box has a 2 in it. Then click the OK button at the bottom.

Good Luck!

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