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How to Place an Image onto an Excel Spreadsheet


Inserting an image into Excel is fairly straightforward. Below is a spreadsheet with a picture in it. The picture serves to illustrate a lesson on the circumference of a circle.

The image above was inserted like this:

  • From the Excel menu bar, click on Insert
  • From the drop down menu, select Picture
  • From the sub menu that appears, click on From File (Click the Clip Art option if you want to insert a clip art image.)
  • The following dialogue box appears:

  • Navigate to where on your computer your picture is
  • Then click Insert

Once the picture is inserted into Excel, you can resize it and move it to a new location. You can even crop it down a bit by using the Crop tool on the Picture toolbar (View > Toolbars > Picture).


And that's it for the Excel course! Hope you enjoyed it, and that you're inspired to create even more complex spreadhseets than the ones you've created with us. Or why not try one of our other courses at the top of the page?

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