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How to add an Hyperlink to an Excel Spreadsheet


If you have a lot of different worksheets and want a quick way to jump between them, you can use Hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are those underlined bits of text on the internet that lead to web pages

To get a feel for how they work in Excel, start a new spreadsheet and do the following:

  • Click inside cell A1 of the spreadsheet
  • On the Excel menu bar, click on Insert
  • From the drop down menu, click on Hyperlink
  • The dialogue box below will appear:

The icons on the left of the dialogue box are all the places you can link to: Existing file or web page, This document, New document, or an Email address.

We're going to place links in specific cells of three different worksheets. So:

  • Locate the text area under "Or select a place in this document"
  • If there is a Plus sign ( + ) next to "Cell Reference", click on the plus sign to expand it. You should see the same choices as in the image above
  • Click on "Sheet 3

Now that we have a selected a page to link to, we can specify that Excel goes to a cell of our choice:

  • In the text box below "Type the cell reference", type in C10

Our A1 cell has nothing in it. So to insert some text for our link, do this:

  • Click inside the "Text to display" text box
  • Type in "Sheet 3"
  • Your dialogue box should now look like the one below:

We can add a screen tip as well.

Click the button in the top right of the dialogue box "Screen Tip". Another dialogue box pops up, like the one below:

  • Click inside the text box and type "Jump to Sheet3 Cell C10" (without the quote marks.)
  • Click Ok to return to the main dialogue box
  • On the main dialogue box, click OK again
  • A hyperlink will be inserted into cell A1 of Sheet 1
  • Move your mouse pointer over cell A1
  • Your spreadsheet will look like the one below:

Click on the link and see what happens. Now it's your turn to try it.


In cell C10 of the spreadsheet, insert a Hyperlink to take you to cell B10 of Sheet 2. Add a suitable Screen Tip.

In cell B10 of sheet 2, insert a Hyperlink to take you to cell A1 of Sheet 1. Add a suitable Screen Tip.


And that ends this somewhat brief introduction to Web integration. There a whole lot more you can do with Excel and an internet connection: Upload data from a spreadsheet to a web page; Save a spreadsheet as a web page; Publish a spreadsheet to web page that others can interact with; Hold an Online discussion. In fact, an entire book could be written on Excel and the Internet!

To wrap up this Excel course, the final section details a few Extra things you can do with Excel. It starts with something called Object Linking and Embedding.

Move on to Object Linking and Embedding -->

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