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Web Integration and Excel


What you're going to do in this section is to download data from the internet, and put it straight into an Excel worksheet. We have a page on our website that is set up for you to download straight into a spreadsheet, and we'll give you the address shortly.

An example of why you would want to download data from a website is this.

You are salesperson out in the field, visiting clients in their homes or offices. You have a laptop that can connect to the internet. There is a spreadsheet on your laptop. The spreadsheet includes lots of data about the products you sell. One piece of data is the prices of each item. Your company is rather ferocious on prices, and it changes them all the time. The question is, how can you, as a salesperson in the field, keep up to date with the changing prices?

One answer is to use an Excel Web Query. The company will update the prices on the website. You can then run a Web Query to download the latest changes into your Excel spreadsheet. That way the clients get the new prices "Hot of the Presses".

We'll see how to run a Web Query soon. But you need a connection to the internet before you can run a Web Query. In other words, you need to be online. (However, if you know some HTML coding, you can construct a table in a web page that is on your own computer. Then you point the Web Query to the web page on your computer, rather than a web page on the internet. Don't worry if you don't know any HTML coding - it's not necessary for this section.)

But don't go online just yet. Read a few more pages first.

Learn how to Create a Web Query -->

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