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What is a Hard Drive?


A hard drive is nothing more than a magnetised storage area. Your Operating System is stored on your hard drive, as well as all your software programmes, like Microsoft Word. The hard drive is actually a few circular disks stacked one on top of the other. A little arm moves over the disks and writes things to these circular platters, and reads them. When you save a file or create a new folder, think of these circular platters being written to and you'll have a basic idea of just what your hard drive is.

A hard drive is given a letter of the alphabet for convenience sake, and in most computers this will be the letter C. That's why the hard drive is popularly know as the C Drive. There are other drives on your computer. These are the usual drives on modern Personal Computers:

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  Floppy Drive or A drive   There will be a thin slot on the front of your computer. Into the gap, a disk is inserted. This is your floppy drive, and the disk is called a floppy disk
CD Rom Drive or D Drive Press a button on the front of your computer and a tray will probably slide out. The tray will accept a circular disk - a CD Rom.
DVD Drive

A DVD disk is the same size and shape as a CD, but can hold more information. You can play a CD in a DVD Drive, but you can't play a DVD disk in a CD Rom Drive


CD/DVD Writer These types of drives are for creating your own CD's or DVD's. They are becoming statndard on a new computer

A modern Hard Drive is measured in Gigabytes. To find out how big your Hard drive is, click the next part of this lesson.


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